AxioWorks SQList

Export SharePoint lists and libraries
to normalised SQL Server database tables.

AxioWorks SQList is a unique product that will transform your use of SharePoint and SQL Server.

Version 5.0 just released!

Your SharePoint data in SQL Server,
in 3 easy steps:

Export SharePoint lists to SQL Server in three easy steps with AxioWorks SQList

Export SharePoint lists to SQL Server with AxioWorks SQList

Key Features

  • Continuously exports SharePoint lists and documents to single or multiple SQL Server databases.
  • Dynamically builds a normalised set of SQL tables.
  • Export sub-sites automatically: export lists and libraries from a SharePoint site and its sub-sites in a single replication.
  • Union view: SQList can automatically generate an aggregated SQL view of similar lists and libraries across a site structure.
  • Quick setup with granular selection of lists, libraries, and sites to export.
  • Can be installed anywhere and does not require any changes to SharePoint.
  • You only need one license to export data from different SharePoint servers.
  • Uses standard SQL and HTTP connections and can connect via local network or the Internet.
  • No need to map tables and columns, SQList will do that for you.
  • No list view threshold issues, SQList uses native SharePoint change tracking capabilities which negates the requirement to add indexes to columns or to increase that pesky list view threshold.
  • Expose your SharePoint data to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Supports all versions of SharePoint including SharePoint Online.
  • Supports all versions of SQL Server including SQL Azure.

New in SQList version 5.0

  • Archive SharePoint Data in SQL: enables you to maintain deleted list items in the replicated SQL table. This can be useful it you want archive SharePoint list items to SQL server.
  • Windows authentication to SQL Server: added Windows Authentication as an option in each SQL database connection. With previous versions, windows authentication was only possible using Trusted Authentication,
  • Enhcanced export of non standard columns: changed handling of non-standard column types and increased precision for numbers "Displayed as percentage"
  • Added SiteID to UNION view: replaced the table name with the actual GUID of the site to which the item belongs
  • Custom name to table prefix: it is now possible to define a custom prefix to the tables generated by SQList.
  • Added chat support directly in SQList Manager: you can now open a chat window and contact us for assistance directly for the UI.
  • Full details in our support section

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