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Download SQList

Use the button below to download the latest verison of SQList.

Current released version: (built with .NET 4.7.2)

Important support articles:


Click here to download your copy of SQList


Why SQList?

SharePoint provides a fantastic foundation for building internal collaboration applications, enterprise document and content management, and the rapid assembly of web applications.

SQList allows developers to simply and reliably expose SharePoint content as familiar and flexible SQL Server tables.

This enables the integration of SharePoint with existing systems, or can hugely accelerate the process of developing rich web based applications leveraging the advanced UI, workflow, and access control that SharePoint provides.

With SQList you get:

  • Easier reporting on SharePoint data using SSRS, Crystal Reports, or Power BI
  • Export SharePoint lists & libraries to SQL Server
  • Cut SharePoint reporting, BI, and integration costs
  • Query live SharePoint data using direct SQL queries
  • Integrate your SharePoint data with other systems in SQL Server
  • Easily use your SharePoint data with SSRS, Power BI, Crystal Reports, and other reporting and BI tools
  • Export SharePoint lists and libraries to normalised SQL Server tables
  • Continuously synchronise SharePoint lists to single or multiple SQL Server databases
  • Report on SharePoint data via SQL tables rather than directly

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