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AxioWorks SQList | Export SharePoint lists to SQL Server tables


Continuous synchronisation of SharePoint lists and libraries to SQL Server tables.

Access up-to-the-second SharePoint data in Power BI, SQL Server and your favourite apps.

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Unlock your SharePoint data with SQList

SQList makes it incredibly simple to extract valuable business intelligence from your SharePoint data. Just point SQList to your SharePoint site, then to a SQL database, and SQList will transform your inflexible SharePoint data into easy-to-manage, continuously updating SQL Server tables. You’ll have limitless, live and lightning-fast access to all of your SharePoint data. 

What is AxioWorks SQList

What can I do with SQList?

Microsoft Power BI logo

Using SQList with Power BI

SQList makes it incredibly easy to generate Power BI reports on up-to-date SharePoint lists and libraries. That means you create reports more quickly and more efficiently using real-time SharePoint data created from SQL tables. 

See how SQList works with Power BI

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Use SQList with SQL Server

Turn your SharePoint lists and libraries into fully synchronised SQL tables by using SQList with SQL Server. You will be able to query your SharePoint data live, without limitations, and at lightning-fast speeds. 

See how SQList works with SQL Server

Use SQList with your LOB systems

Use SQList with your LOB systems

Since SQList turns your SharePoint data into continuously syncing SQL Server tables, it’s easy to integrate live SharePoint data with systems you use every day. Make meaningful business intelligence part of your team’s regular workflow. 

See how SQList works with your systems

SQList features

  • Continuously exports SharePoint lists and document libraries:
    SQList will replicate SharePoint lists and documents libraries to single or multiple SQL Server databases.
  • Dynamically builds a normalised set of SQL tables:
    SQList dynamically builds and maintains a normalised set of SQL tables that reflect your SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • Export sub-sites automatically:
    Export lists and libraries from a SharePoint site and its sub-sites in a single replication.
  • Union view:
    SQList can automatically generate an aggregated SQL view of similar lists and libraries across a site structure.
  • Supports all versions of SQL Server from 2008 onward:
    including SQL Azure.
  • Quick setup:
    With granular selection of lists, libraries, and sites to export.
  • Can be installed anywhere:
    Does not require any changes to SharePoint or SQL Server.
  • Simple licensing:
    You only need one license to export data from different SharePoint servers.
  • Uses standard SQL and HTTP connections:
    SQList will connect via local network or across the Internet to cloud hosted SharePoint And SQL instances such as SharePoint Online and SQL Azure.
  • Supports all versions of SharePoint from 2010 onward:
    Including SharePoint Online in Office365.
  • Export documents and attachments:
    As binary columns in the SQL tables.
  • Scheduled or ad hoc exports:
    In addition to the SQList synchronisation service it is possible to run SQList from a command line or via a task scheduler.
  • No list view threshold issues:
    SQList uses native SharePoint change tracking capabilities to negates the requirement for columns indexes or to increase the list view threshold.
  • Expose your SharePoint data to virtually any BI tool:
    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Power BI, IBM Cognos, iDashboard and build powerful SharePoint  ETL solutions.

SQList pricing and licensing

SQList is available with a perpetual licence, which means there are no renewals or expiry dates to worry about. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to use for good.

Each licence gives you a single installation of SQList. The price includes a one-year of support and upgrade plan. These can be renewed using the plans below if you would like support or maintenance at any stage.

AxioWorks SQList

  • Lifetime use of SQList under perpetual licence.
  • One installation of SQList.
  • Includes one-year Preventative Maintenance.
  • Supports SharePoint Online and On-Premises 2010 onward.
  • Suports SQL Azure and SQL Server

$5,372.68 (USD)

(rates checked on 20 Mar 09:17 UTC)

Preventative Maintenance

  • Get expert advice within one UK business day.
  • Out of hour and weekend support available upon request.
  • Escalation procedure for urgent support.
  • Includes all software updates.
  • 1 year recurring subscription(1).

$2,039.03/year (USD)

(rates checked on 20 Mar 09:17 UTC)

Software Assurance

  • Get expert advice within one UK business day.
  • Support provided during UK business hours.
  • Escalation procedure for urgent support.
  • Includes minor updates only.
  • Purchase at any time(2).

$1,152.21/year (USD)

(rates checked on 20 Mar 09:17 UTC)

About our plans and prices:

(1) Preventative Maintenance is a subscription based plan that has to be renewed annually, renewals start from the end of the previous period (retroactively if purchased after the previous period has expired).

(2) Software Assurance is not subscription based, can be purchased at any time, and lasts for one year.

Prices shown are excluding tax. Prices in currencies other than GBP are calculated using exchange rates provided by Open Currency Rates and carry a 6% conversion fee. Prices charged at checkout may be slightly different than those shown here due to intra-day exchange rate changes.

Multi-buy discounts: We offer the following discounts when multiple licences or renewals are purchased at the same time, provided they are purchased directly from us:

  • 2 items: 10%
  • 3-5 items: 15%
  • 6-10 items: 25%
  • >10 items: please contact us 

We add 5% to the discounts above (including on a single item) for charities and educational institutions.

How does SQList work?

How AxioWorks SQList works

SQList sits between SharePoint and SQL Server, creating a continuous sync between the two. It takes unwieldy SharePoint data and turns it into easy-to-manage SQL tables.

After a simple set up process, SQList continuously exports your SharePoint lists and SharePoint document libraries to your database or multiple databases. This gives your organisation instant access to a wealth of real-time business intelligence, so you can:

  • Send valuable SharePoint data to Power BI, SSRS and other BI tools.
  • Query live SharePoint data from SQL Server.
  • Integrate SharePoint data with other systems and apps.


Exporting your SharePoint lists and document libraries to SQL Server could not be any easier, it only takes a few steps:

1) Access

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Manage your lists and libraries in SharePoint and take full advandage of advanced UI, workflow, and access control that SharePoint provides.

2) Select

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Use SQList Manager to select the lists you want to export. You can select lists across the entire site collection.

3) Sync

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

SQList exports the selected SharePoint lists as SQL tables and keeps them in sync with changes made in SharePoint.

4) Query

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Query your up-to-date SharePoint data directly in SQL Server, without any limitations on the number of items or columns.

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