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AxioWorks | Integrate SharePoint data with your CRM and LOB systems

Integrate SharePoint data with your CRM and LOB systems

Get invaluable data out of SharePoint and into the hands of your team with SQList.

Explore AxioWorks SQList

Spark insights across your organisation by integrating SharePoint data with your line-of-business systems.

Let’s get the huge amount of useful information currently buried in your SharePoint data into the hands of people who can turn it into meaningful insights and profitable actions for your business.

SQList transforms unwieldy and inflexible SharePoint data into easy-to-manage, continuously updating SQL tables. These tables can be quickly integrated into your CRM, ERP, billing, supply chain and other line-of-business systems, where your team can access and use them.

Share valuable data and business intelligence across different departments, divisions and subsidiaries, with granular access to make sure each employee only sees relevant data.

Use SQList with your LOB systems

Use SQList with your LOB systems

With SQList, it’s easy to turn your SharePoint lists and libraries into SQL Server tables that are integrated with the software and applications used by your organisation. We’ll walk you through the set up process.

Learn how it works

AxioWorks SQList

How SQList makes your life easier

SQList takes an under-utilised resource — your SharePoint data — and makes it available to your brightest brains. Putting your data at the disposal of your team maximises the potential for innovation, efficiency and productivity.

Explore SQList

Discover a new way to share your SharePoint data

SharePoint collects and houses an array of useful data, but it can soon become the digital equivalent of a dusty, locked storeroom that nobody is quite sure how to enter. SQList helps you take your data out of storage and into your team’s daily workflow.

If your organisation expects its employees to be innovative, independent and self-motivated, use SQList to empower them with the data to support their decisions.

We get your SharePoint data out of a central hub and into the field, where it can be used to deliver:

  • Up-to-the-second business intelligence.
  • Live querying of customer, billing and inventory data.
  • Actionable insights for every division and department.

To get more ideas of how SQList would help you to share data across your organisation, you’re welcome to a FREE 30-day trial or a live demo to see how it works.

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