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AxioWorks SQList | Query live SharePoint data in SQL Server

Query live SharePoint data in SQL Server

Save valuable time and money by using SQList to query your SharePoint data in real-time.

Explore AxioWorks SQList

Get up-to-the-second data from SharePoint with live SQL Server queries

You need to be able to query and report on your SharePoint data quickly and accurately in order to deliver useful business analysis. But SharePoint doesn’t make this easy.

With SQList, you can query live SharePoint data in real-time, giving you limitless access to the insights you need at lightning-fast speeds. SQList transforms your SharePoint lists into SQL Server tables, where you can easily find the information you need.

Once you’re up and running, SQList continuously syncs your SQL Server data with SharePoint, so any updates to SharePoint are immediately reflected in the data you’re using.

Use SQList with SQL Server

Use SQList with SQL Server

Using SQList with SQL Server has a huge impact on the accessibility and flexibility of your SharePoint data, yet it’s very simple to set up. Let’s take a look at the technical considerations so you can see just how easy it is.

Learn how it works

AxioWorks SQList

How SQList makes your life easier

SharePoint data can be unwieldy and inflexible. Using SQList to bring live data into continuously updating target SQL tables within SQL Server means you’ve always got instant access unlimited to the latest data.

Explore SQList

Discover a better way to query live SharePoint data

SQList puts information that’s currently buried in the depths of SharePoint within immediate reach. Whatever it is you need to find, and whether it’s stored on SharePoint Online, [O365] or SharePoint On-Premises, using SQList with SQL Server means you can query in real-time to quickly access the relevant data.

If your job involves wrangling live SharePoint data to deliver meaningful business intelligence insights, SQList is going to save a lot of time for you and a lot of money for your organisation.

Using SQList to sync your SharePoint data with SQL Server makes it easier to get the data you need as soon as you need it.

SQList gives you:

  • Complex, up-to-the-second SQL queries of your SharePoint data.
  • Live querying of on-premises SharePoint farms.
  • Live querying of data hosted on SharePoint Online Office 365.
  • Complex SQL aggregations of hybrid on-premises and Office 365 cloud data.
  • Granular access control to manage data usage throughout your organisation.

Start a FREE 30-day trial or join us for a live demo to see how SQList would work for you.

Export SharePoint Lists To SQL Server Tables

Export SharePoint Lists To SQL Server Tables
Read a detailed guide

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