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AxioWorks | Power BI and SSRS reports with live SharePoint data

Power BI and SSRS reports with live SharePoint data

SQList gets the live SharePoint data you need into Power BI at lightning-fast speeds.

Explore AxioWorks SQList

Generate Power BI reports on live SharePoint lists and libraries

Have you ever connected directly to SharePoint to get live data? If so, you’ll understand why business analysts and developers use SQList to generate the Power BI reports they need more quickly.

Connecting directly to SharePoint results in sluggish performance that makes exporting the data you need almost impossible. In any case, SharePoint may be too limited and inflexible to provide the live data you need.

SQList sits between your SharePoint data and SQL Server to make creating a report on a SharePoint list or SharePoint document library far simpler.

Create Power BI reports from live SharePoint data

Use SQList with Power BI

How does Power BI get data from SharePoint when you’re using SQList? It’s incredibly easy. If you want to know a bit more about the technical side of things, we’ll walk you through using SQList to generate reports in Power BI.

Learn how it works

Create SSRS reports from live SharePoint data

Use SQList with SSRS

Do you use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to share business intelligence with your colleagues? If so, SQList will equip you with everything you need to share insights based on real-time SharePoint data.

Learn how it works

AxioWorks SQList

How SQList makes your life easier

SQList builds an indexed SQL Server table for each of your lists or libraries in real-time. It continuously updates the target SQL tables as your SharePoint site changes, so you’re always working with the latest data in Power BI.

Explore SQList

Discover a faster way to share meaningful insights from Power BI

SQList gives you everything you need to create reliable, real-time reports from your SharePoint data in Power BI. Whatever analysis you need to share, and whether you’re using SharePoint Online, Office365 or SharePoint On-Premises, SQList helps you to build a report quickly and efficiently.

If your job involves creating Power BI or SSRS reports on live SharePoint data, we’re certain that SQList is going to improve that process for you and your organisation. You can expect:

  • Easier, quicker Power BI reporting.
  • Up-to-date SharePoint lists and libraries to work with.
  • Big savings on time and money spent on SharePoint reporting.

How AxioWorks SQList works

We want you to be sure that SQList will deliver all of that and more, so you’re welcome to a FREE 30-day trial or a live demo to see how SQList works.

Generate Power BI Charts and Reports from live SharePoint list data

Generate Power BI Charts and Reports from live SharePoint list data
Read a detailed guide

Generate SSRS Charts and Reports from live SharePoint list data

Generate SSRS Charts and Reports from live SharePoint list data
Read a detailed guide

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