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Change the default 10 second cycle sleep time

By default, SQList takes a 10 second break between replication cycles (a cycle is the sequence of going through all replications, checking for SharePoint updates and, if any, apply them to the SQL tables).

This can generate many thousands requests per day to the SharePoint server. Every 10 seconds SQList logs in to check for changes, just that results in over 8k logins in 24 hours; if then it finds some, it makes additional calls to retrieve the data.

Although the vast majority of these calls are very light and do not impact the server's performance, they can generate large amounts of entries in security logs.

You cannot change this interval in Global Settings, but you can change it following these steps:

  1. Stop the SQList service;
  2. Using a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad), open the file C:\Program Files\AxioWorks\SQList\AxioWorks.SQList.ReplicationService.exe.config;
  3. Change the CycleIntervalInSeconds setting (see screenshot below);
  4. Save the file;
  5. Start the SQList service.
Note: we recommend changing this setting only if absolutely necessary and not to increase it to over 60 seconds. If in doubt, contact us at support@axioworks.com