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Force a full re-sync for a specific list

If for any reason a SQL table goes out of sync with its corresponding SharePoint list, the best way to put things back in order is to force a full re-sync of that table. Here are the steps to achieve that:

1. Identify the tables you want to re-sync

Run the following SQL in the destination SQL database and look in the " SaveAsTableName" column for the names of the tables you want to re-sync:

select * from [(SQList.ReplicatedLists)];

2. Force a full re-synchronisation for the tables you want to re-sync

Run the following SQL for each table you want to re-sync.

This example forces the re-sync of a table named "PortalPublic_Products":

update [(SQList.ReplicatedLists)] set [LastProcessedChangeLogID] = null where [SaveAsTableName] = 'PortalPublic_Products';

update [PortalPublic_Products] set [owshiddenversion] = -1;

This is it, at the next cycle SQList will start the full re-synchronisation.