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Get your free 30 Day SQList Trial License

If you are new to AxioWorks SQList, the best way to get to know our product is by getting a free fully featured 30 Day Trial license. The evaluation license gives you all the features of the Professional Plus license and lasts for 30 days from the day you order it. However, note that the data exported to the SQL database are randomly corrupted (the word *TRIAL* is randomly appended to strings, and numbers are randomly replaces with 12345).

During this time you can use it on as many machines as you like.

To get your 30 day license, simple go to our website at www.axioworks.com/try-sqlist, fill the simple form and submit it.

When you fill the form, please do give us some details about your requirements; this will allow us to get a better understanding on what our users are looking for:

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive two emails:

  1. the first one is your order's confirmation;
  2. the second one is your license confirmation, and has your encrypted license attached as "License.txt".
To ensure that you receive your license immediately: please use your company's email address to request your evaluation. Note that if you are using a generic email address (e.g. gmail, or yahoo), you will not receive your license right away as we will have to review your request before releasing the license. We have to do that to stop abuse.
Once you receive your order and license confirmations, proceed to download and install SQList.