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How do I re-sync all data from scratch?

Sometimes, it may happen that you need to re-sync all data from scratch in the database; for example, some tables became corrupted, or certain data have been deleted by mistake.

If that is the case, this is how to force SQList to perform a complete re-sync.

If you would like to recreate all tables:

  1. Stop the SQList service;
  2. Drop all tables created by SQList in the database, including the two named "(SQList.Sites)" and "(SQList.SyncStatus)";
  3. Re-start the service;
  4. SQList will recreate everything from scratch.

If instead you only want a complete re-sync of the data:

  1. Stop the SQList service;
  2. Delete all rows from the tables "(SQList.Sites)" and "(SQList.SyncStatus)";
  3. Re-start the service;
  4. SQList will keep the tables and check all data from scratch, and re-sync only where necessary.