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How to exclude list columns from being exported

By default, SQList exports all column in a SharePoint list, with the exception of some system columns that would be of no benefit; this is so that the SQL table remains clean.

These system columns are defined internally in SQList, and covers only standard lists. You may need to exclude additional columns from being exported so not to clutter your SQL table with columns that are of no use.

To exclude columns from being exported, you need to add a setting in the configuration file. These are the steps to achieve this:
(Note: you need to be familiar with regular expressions to make this change.)

1) Stop the SQList Service

2) Using a text editor (e.g. Notepad), open the AxioWorks.SPDBService.exe.config file in the SQList installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\AxioWorks\AxioWorks SQList)

3) Add this line to the <appSettings> section:

<add key="SPDB.RefusedColumnNamesRegex" value="^(TaxCatchAll|.+HTField[0-9]*|CatchAllData|CatchAllDataLabel|Term[0-9]{4,4}|Path[0-9]{4,4})$"/>

4) Add your exclusion patterns to the regular expression, do not remove the existing ones;

5) Save the file;

6) Start the SQList service and check the logs for any errors.

Example 1: if you wanted to exclude all columns that begin with the string "__x007b__", this is what the config file should look like (note the highlighted section of the regular expression):

Example 2: if you wanted to exclude all columns named "Operational_Status", this is what the setting should look like:

<add key="SPDB.RefusedColumnNamesRegex" value="^(TaxCatchAll|.+HTField[0-9]*|CatchAllData|CatchAllDataLabel|Term[0-9]{4,4}|Path[0-9]{4,4}|Operational_Status)$"/>


  • if you upgrade or migrate SQList, this setting must be preserved in the new version.