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Migrate SQList to a new machine

To migrate SQList to a new machine, follow these steps:

Step 1: Request a 30 day temporary licence:

  1. Contact us at support@xioworks.com and request a 30 day temporary licence that you can use during the migration.
  2. Ensure you receive the temporary licence by email, you will need it further down.

Step 2: On the current machine:

  1. Launch SQList Manager;
  2. In the "Service monitor" tab, stop the SQList service (if running);
  3. Take a backup of all your destination SQL databases - from this point we recommend that all updates to these database from other systems are stopped until the migration is complete;
Step 3: On the new machine:

  1. Install SQList (if you decide to take this opportunity to upgrade to upgrade to the latest version, please check the http://support.axioworks.com/upgrade-notes);
  2. Copy the file "C:\ProgramData\AxioWorks\SQList\AxioWorks.SQList.ProfileDB.sdf" from the current machine into the same folder of the new machine;
  3. Launch SQList Manager;
  4. Follow the steps to Install and activate the licence - here you need to use the temporary licence received in step 1.2 above;
  5. Start the SQList service and monitor the log for any errors.
If everything is working fine:

Step 4: On the current machine:

  1. In the "Licence status" tab, select "Deactivate via the internet" and follow the deactivation steps;
  2. The deactivated licence will be emailed to the email address registered with the licence.
Step 5: On the new machine:

  1. In the "Service monitor" tab, stop the SQList service (if running);
  2. In the "Licence status" tab, select "Upload a new licence" and follow the steps - here you need to use the deactivated licence received in step 4.2 above;
  3. Start the SQList service and monitor the log for any errors.

That is it, at this point you can start using SQList from the new machine. Ensure that SQList is no longer started on the current machine as that will corrupt the database. We recommend disabling the SQList Service on the current machine and uninstall it completely once the new machine is fully up and running and tested.

If you need any assistance with this process, please contact us at support@axioworks.com

If anything goes wrong:

  1. Stop the SQList service on the new machine;
  2. If SQList on the new machine has run, even for a short time: restore the destination SQL databases from the backups taken in step 1.3 above - note that any changes to the databases done since then will be lost!
  3. If you have done Step 5.2: deactivate the licence on the new machine and transfer it to the current machine. If that is not possible for any reason and you need to have SQList back up and running ASAP, install the temporary licence from step 1.2 on the current machine and contact us for assistance.
At this point you will have SQList ready to be used on the current machine as it was before the migration.