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Move the SQList replication configuration from one machine to another

Sometimes you may need to move SQList from one machine to another. For example, when you configure all your replications on a test machine and subsequently need to move them to a production machine, or when you install SQList on a new machine and want to migrate all replications on to it.

Moving the replication configuration is straight forward, however there is an important aspect to be aware of, so please ensure that you follow these steps:

Note: for this example, we will call current machine the machine you want to move the configuration from, and new machine the one you want to move the configuration to.

  1. Contact our support team at support@axioworks.com and request a deactivated licence; (this will allow you to keep your current licence installed in case you need to roll back)
  2. Launch SQList Manager and, if running, stop the service on the current machine; (we also recommend disabling the SQList service as a precaution) **
  3. Take a backup of all your destination databases;
  4. If not done already, download and install the same version of SQList on the new machine; (download from http://support.axioworks.com/upgrade-notes/download-a-previous-version-of-sqlist)
  5. Do not start the SQList service yet.
  6. Copy the file C:\ProgramData\AxioWorks\AxioWorks SQList\Profile.xml from the current machine to the same folder in the new machine (overwrite the existing Profile.xml if it exists);
  7. On the new machine, launch SQList Manager, install the deactivated licence received at step 1, then go through the activation process;
  8. On the new machine, start the SQList service and monitor the log for errors.
** it is paramount that there are not two identical replications running at the same time on two different machines. If that happens, the two instances of SQList will override each other's change tracking and the result will be unpredictable. For that reason, we recommend disabling the SQList service.

Should you need any assistance with this process or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@axioworks.com.