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Repoint SQList after a SharePoint migration

When you migrate your SharePoint site to server or version, follow the steps below to re-point SQList to the new server:

  1. Stop the SQList service;
  2. Take a backup of all SQList destination databases;
  3. For SQList ver. 5.x: take a copy of the folder C:\ProgramData\AxioWorks\AxioWorks SQList;
  4. For SQList ver. 6.x: take a copy of the folder C:\ProgramData\AxioWorks\SQList;
  5. Stop any procedures/application that use the tables generated by SQList (this is necessary because the next step will temporarily break them);
  6. For each SQList destination database: drop all tables created by SQList, including those beginning with "(SQList";
  7. In SQList manager: change all SharePoint connections' URLs and credentials to point to the new SharePoint sites;
  8. Start the SQList service;
  9. At this point all tables will be recreated and their data populated from scratch;
  10. Wait until all replications have completed without errors;
  11. Recompile all SQL views (if any) that use the tables created by SQList (this is necessary to repoint the views new tables);
  12. Restart the procedures/applications stopped at step 5;
  13. All done.
Important: this procedure assumes you have not altered the tables created by SQList in any ways (e.g. enabled system versioning, added triggers, indexes, etc.)