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Some rows are not exported to the SQL table

The most common reason rows are not exported is that the user used to connect to the SharePoint site does not have permission to see those rows (e.g. they are in Pending status, or the lists has row level permissions).

To ascertain that:
  1. open a browser and navigate to the SharePoint site in question;
  2. when prompted for credentials, log onto using the same credentials used in the site configuration in SQList Manager;
  3. Navigate to the list in question and ensure you can see the missing rows.
If you cannot see the missing rows, either give the required permissions to that user, or use different user with the necessary credentials.

Important: if you change the permissions or the user used to connect to the the SharePoint site or list, you will need to delete the entire content of the SQL table to ensure that all rows are exported (as some could have been updated before the last item exported by SQList).