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SQList Replication Problem with SharePoint List columns named "DisplayName"

Problem Overview
A recent issue has come to light with SharePoint's SQList functionality that can cause confusion and data management challenges for users and developers. When a SharePoint list contains a column named "DisplayName," unusual behavior can be observed which deviates from the normal replication process.

The Issue Explained
Under normal circumstances, when you create columns in a SharePoint list and fill them with data, you expect that all columns will be replicated and accessible when you query the list, including using the Client Side Object Model (CSOM) to programmatically interact with the list.

However, when a column is named "DisplayName", and you attempt to request the structure of the list via CSOM, you will indeed see this column listed among the list's columns. This part behaves as expected.

The problem arises when you request a list item from that list. Despite having "DisplayName" as one of your column, and even if you explicitly request it in the ViewXML part of the query, the data for this column will not be returned. This can lead to confusion as the expected data is missing from the query results.

Suspected Cause of the Issue
We are currently investigating the root cause of this issue, but initial analysis suggests a conflict within SharePoint's architecture itself. The ListItem class in SharePoint, used for handling items in lists, comes with a hard-coded property called "DisplayName." When a user creates their own column with this same name, it collides with the built-in property.

This conflict is likely what causes the system to exclude user-defined "DisplayName" column data from CSOM query results. Since the property is already defined within the SharePoint framework, the system appears to be unable to distinguish between the system's inherent "DisplayName" property and the user-generated column with the same name.

Workaround and Long-Term Resolution
While we work toward a permanent solution, users are advised to avoid naming any columns "DisplayName" to prevent this issue. If such a column is necessary, consider using an alternative name that does not conflict with SharePoint's internal properties, such as "ItemDisplayName" or "DisplayTitle".

Our team is committed to further investigating this issue and will provide updates as we progress. In the meantime, please follow the recommended best practices for naming list columns to ensure smooth operation of your SharePoint lists and replication processes.

For more information or if you're experiencing related issues, please contact our technical support team for assistance at support@axioworks.com.

If you're affected by this issue or have any other SharePoint-related technical concerns, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and ensure your SharePoint experience is as seamless as possible.