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Select the subwebs to get the commonly named lists from

The broad replication works specifically at site and subsite level. If you need to export commonly named lists and libraries across the site hierarchy, then the broad replication is the replication for you.

In order to set up broad replication, the first step is that you need to choose the level of the site from where you want to export the data (lists or libraries). SQList will show all the hierarchy levels in the main site. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the appropriate level.

For example, you can see that our main site, https://axioworks.sharepoint.com contains subsites at two levels, level 1 and level 2. The main site is at level 0. It contains two subsites at level 1 which further has two more subsites at level 2.

In the broad replication scenario, you have two options to either select all the subsites at a specific level or select a specific subsite. For example, you could select "All webs at level 1", then all the sites which are currently at level 1 will be used for replication. It is important to note that if any new subsite is added at a later stage, then it will be included as well in the replication. Next step for you will be to select the commonly named list or library.  

Once you have chosen the level, SQList will show you the all unique lists and libraries within that site and then you need to choose one or more to continue.


It is worthwhile to note one of the aspects of broad replication that it relies on the combination of unique name and level of the site that you have chosen for replication. So, if any list or library is added in the future with the same name in any of the sites having the same specified level, then the newly added list or library will be part of replication as well.