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The "Replications" tab

This tab lists settings for your current replications, details of the SharePoint site, database server and database name that the replication is using, the type of replication configured and if it is currently enabled. The screen also allows you to initiate the replication wizard to build a new replication. It also lets you delete a replication as well as disable or enable an existing replication.

Description of this pages elements:

  1. Edit: Click the Edit button when you would like to make changes to the replication. You will be taken to the "Choose export type" screen.
  2. Site name and URL: These two columns refer to the who the site name and SharePoint site URL you entered when you setup the SharePoint connection
  3. Export type: This will be the option you chose in the "Choose export type" screen, and there are two options "Export this sites sub-sites"  or "Export from this site only."
  4. Server and database name: Server name contains details of the database server name for this replication. The database name is the database that your SharePoint lists and libraries replicate with.
  5. Enabled:  A check box denotes that this replication is currently enabled. 
  6. Delete:  Use this column to remove a replication from your configuration.
  7. New Replication: This will start the new replication wizard and walk you through the setup process. More details of this wizard can be found here.
  8. Help: A link to this help article.