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The "Service Status" tab

The "Service Status" tab shows the current status of the SQList windows service and provides a view of messages it logs to the windows event log. This view of the SQList view can be filtered to show only errors. It is also possible to switch on or off verbose event logging in this tab. There is also a facility to send an event report to AxioWorks support if you need assistance with a replication.

Description of this pages elements:

  1. SQList Status Bar: Displays the current status of the SQList status. Green if SQList service is running, red if it is stopped.
  2. Open in Windows Event Viewer: Clicking the link will enable the user to view the SQList log messages in the Windows Event Viewer.
  3. Show errors only: When this checkbox is selected the SQList service will only display errors in the log viewer pane.
  4. Refresh button: Clicking this button will display the latest messages recorded by the SQList service in the Windows Event Log. The number of items displayed can be configured using the "Number of events to display" setting below the log viewer pane.
  5. Log Viewer pane:  The number of items displayed can be configured using the "Number of events to display" setting below the log viewer pane.
  6. Send usage data to AxioWorks: To make SQList even better, we would like to collect some anonymous usage statistics and error information with your permission. If you wish to disable this feature at a later date, you can do so by unchecking this check box.
  7. Send Event Report:  If you are having difficulty with a replication, for instance, if you are seeing some errors in the in the Log Viewer Pane, you can send an Event Report containing these details straight to AxioWorks support. It is also often useful to check the "Save parsed profile" option below the "Log Viewer Pane" as well as the "Include site profiles" checkbox when sending the report.
  8. Include Site Profiles: When sending the Event Report to AxioWorks support the details of the connections defined will be included in the report if this option is selected. Note: This will not include any passwords.
  9. Use Verbose Event Logging: Verbose level messages are logged to the Event Log when this option is selected. It is useful to enable this option if you are trying to troubleshoot an issue.
  10. Save parsed profile: It is useful to AxioWorks support to check this option when sending an event report and will enable our support team to see the parsed profile that SQList is using in your replications.
  11. Number of events to display: This option determines the number of events to display in the "Event Viewer Pane"
  12. Help: A link to this help article.
  13. Your Current License: a summary of the SQList license currently installed on the machine.