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The "SharePoint Site Definitions" tab

The SharePoint Site Definitions tab shows the SharePoint sites that have been defined for use within a replication. From this page, it is possible to add new and edit or remove existing SharePoint sites. These sites are available whenever a new replication is defined via the replication wizard.

Description of this pages elements:

  1. Edit: Click the Edit button when you would like to make changes to the SharePoint site configuration. You will be taken to the Site configuration screen.
  2. Site name:  The name you have given to this SharePoint site in the  Site configuration screen.
  3. Site URL:  The URL of the SharePoint site being replicated.
  4. Enabled:  A check box denotes that this subsite is currently enabled. 
  5. Delete:  Use this column to remove a subsite from your configuration.
  6. New site definition: A new SharePoint site can be defined using the Choose a SharePoint site to export page.
  7. Help: A link to this help article.