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The SQList licensing model

30 Day Evaluation licenses
Evaluation licenses do not need to be activated and can be installed on as many machine as needed until they expire.
Important: The expiry date is calculated from the day the license is ordered from our website and not from the day it is installed on a server.
Entry, Standard and Professional licenses
SQList is licensed by individual installations.
Each installation can be licensed to replicate a different number of SharePoint sites, depending on the license level (a site is a single collection of lists and libraries; sub-sites are classed as separate SharePoint sites).
The SharePoint sites and destination SQL databases can be on any server provided SQList can connect to them.
Important: Once a licence is purchased it can be used to activate a single installation only, will be locked to the machine on which it is activated, and cannot be used on further machines or installations.
A license activated for one machine, can be transferred to another machine using SQList Manager (e.g when upgrading a server or moving a license from a test to a production environment).