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The sub-sites could not be loaded

During the configuration of a SQList replication, where you have selected to export a site and its sub-sites (screenshot below), you might incur in the following error:

The sub-sites could not be loaded

Please ensure that you have enough permissions to access the sub-sites using the credentials you have provided. If the credentials do not have at least "Contribute" access, you need to grant "Browse directory" access in order to access the sub-cites.
For more details, please go to our support site, at support.axioworks.com, and search for "failed to load sub-sites".

The reason for this error that if a user can see subsites via a web browser, but not through SQList, they are experiencing an issue with SharePoint permissions. SQList uses the SharePoint web services, and to be able to browse subsites (not separate site collections) via web services, the user needs to have Browse Directories rights. By default, this right is only in the Contribute and higher permission levels. The Read permission level does not have it. This permission isn’t needed to view subsites via a web browser, but is required to enumerate subsites via web services.

For more details, please refer to these articles*:

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