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Try AxioWorks SPReporting Beta for free

SPReporting has been decommissioned.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use the free beta release of AxioWorks SPReporting.

AxioWorks SPReporting allows you to embed live SSRS reports and charts in SharePoint Online pages.


In order to use the AxioWorks SPReporting SharePoint App, your SSRS server must be accessible from our servers through the internet. SPreporting is, as it is technically known, a Provider Hosted Add-In, which means it requires a direct connection to the SSRS server that hosts the reports you want to embed in your pages.

Depending on how your SSRS server is configured, you will need to open port 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), or any custom port used by your SSRS server. 

Our current SPReporting server is:

DNS name: spreporting.axioworks.com
IP address:

Step-by-step guide

1) Download SPReporting App package from our server

The package is a ".app" file and can be downloaded from our server:

Save the app in a folder on your disk.

2) Upload the SPReporting App package into you SharePoint app catalogue

Open the app catalogue on your SharePoint and upload the ".app" file into it. The URL of the app catalogues looks like this:

Once uploaded, ensure that the package has been uploaded successfully by ensuring that the "App Package Error Message" column reads "No errors".

3) Register the app in your SharePoint collection

Go to the app registration page at the root site of the site collection, and register the app. The URL of the page looks like this:

Use the following registration details:

ClientId: 0bdf7d20-17a4-482a-a400-2412410462bf
ClientSecret: CYt/qpSq1QiaD7cbY5z43T1rJ0L4k+2JXI6jTlRkRfM=
Title: AxioWorks SPReporting
App domain: spreporting.axioworks.com

Ensure the details are entered exactly as shown above.

4) Add the app to your SharePoint site

Open the SharePoint site where you want to use the app, and navigate to:

Site content --> Add an app --> From your organisation

Select SPReporting and confirm that you trust it when prompted.

Wait for the app to install, it can take a minute or two.

5) Register your tenancy with SPReporting

Once the app installation is complete, launch the app.

You will be presented with a registration page where you need to enter your organisation details and the connection details to the SSRS server.

Ensure that you save the changes.

At this point you're done, you can start embedding reports into your SharePoint pages.

6) Create or edit the page that will embed the SSRS report

Using the SPReporting Web Part is  the same as using any other web part.

  1. Edit a page;
  2. Select "Insert" from the ribbon, then "App part";
  3. You will find the "AxioWorks SPReporting" in the "Parts" column, select it and click the "Add button";
  4. Edit the web part, this will display a drop down where you can select the report to display;
  5. Save the selected report, then the web part, then the page.

And that is it. If you have any difficulties, or would like to give us some feedback (we would really appreciate that!), please contact us at support@axioworks.com