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SQList version history


Feb 2024

Introducted automated health checks: we have introduced an automatic feature to address system table issues, crucial for smooth large-scale SharePoint replications and error alerting;

Optimised processing of large amounts of changes: we have optimized queries to enhance efficiency and reliability for SQL Server, reducing replication strain and preventing timeouts on older or less powerful systems.

Full details in our support section.


Nov 2023

Re-instated Feature to Keep Deleted Items: we have responded to popular demand by re-introducing a feature in our software that allows users to retain deleted SharePoint items in the corresponding SQL table;

Enhanced Visibility of Replication Status: we have added an indicator in the Replications list to show which replications are enabled and which ones are not;

Improved Connection Validity Checks: we have added additional checks to validate SharePoint and database connections;

Added Check for PowerShell Installation: we have introduced a new check to confirm that PowerShell is installed on the machine;

Removal of Modified Column Filter: we have removed the filter on the 'Modified' columns, which was previously available in the Global, Replication, and List settings;

Full details in our support section.


Jun 2023

Multiple instances of SQList on a single installation: new feature that allows you to run multiple instances of SQList from a single installation;

Improved event logging: significant improvements have been made to the event logging functionality;

Option to store SQList Profile in SQL Server: we have introduced a feature that allows you to store your replication configurations in SQL Server instead of SQL CE;

Full details in our support section.


Dec 2022

Custom SQL column types: added the feature to change the default type of SQL columns;

Reset Global Settings to default value: with this feature you can bring back a global setting to its default value;

Improved handling of multi-language websites: we have added support for right-to-left languages;

Full details in our support section.


Feb 2022

Handling of long list names: added a feature to handle list names that result in table names longer than 128 characters (maximum length supported by SQL Server);

Added Azure AD Authentication to SQL Azure: SQList now supports Azure AD authentication to SQL Azure;

Improved synchronisation of documents and attachments: added bespoke settings to tune synchronisation of documents and attachments;

Unified Service Monitor: we have unified the Service Monitor and the Event Log into a single more practical dashboard;

Full details in our support section.


Dec 2021

Added Trusted Authentication to SharePoint connections: use this option with caution;

Added feature to rename destination SQL tables: you can now give a custom name to the destination SQL tables;

Added option to skip connections validation: this is useful when using trusted authentication;

Full details in our support section.

Version (patch update)

Nov 2021

Fix to the Email Alerts feature: We fixed a bug with the Email Alerts feature introduced with ver.

Full details in our support section.


Oct 2021

Error log email alerts: get alerted by email if errors occur during replications;

Dark theme: we have added a dark theme, you can still use the classic one if you prefer it;

Support for Rating column: added support for Rating columns in survey list types;

Full details in our support section.


Jun 2021

Added Column Selector: select & rename columns to export at individual list level;

Added Service Monitor dashboard: see live progress of all lists being replicated;

Removed limits to sites and databases: no more limits to the number of sites you can replicate;

Enhanced replications to multiple databases: faster replications across multiple databases;

Full details in our support section.


Feb 2021

Improved UI to handle thousands of lists and webs: fixed responsiveness issues with the UI when setting up replications of thousands of lists;

Automatic handling of SharePoint Online throttling: optimal handling of throttled requests with SharePoint Online;

Added filter to Error Log: it is now possible to filter and search the error log;

Full details in our support section.


Apr 2020

Additional SharePoint authentication methods: we added support to Azure AD and Forms authentication;

Feature to request re-sync of SQL tables from SQList Manager: you can now re-synchronise SQL tables directly from SQList Manager, no more TSQL scripts executed manually in the database;

Reset setting to inherit from parent setting: reset a setting to its inherited value;

Use Internal Name instead of Static Name: changed column naming logic to use SharePoint Internal name rather than Static name, to avoid duplicate column names;

Full details in our support section.


Sep 2019

Better synchronisation of changes to list structure: better synchronisation of changes to the structure of a list;

Better backward compatibility with version 5: complete backward compatibility with version 5 table and column naming;

Filter to exclude system lists and columns: cleaned up a lot of "clutter" from the exported data;

Removed AppId/AppPassword limitations: multi-lookup and document download are no longer a problem with AppId/AppPassword authentication;

Handling of "Expired change token detected": SQList now automatically recovers from expired change tokens.

Full details in our support section.


Mar 2019

Better handling of folder changes: updates and deletions of folders no longer force a full re-sync of a list;

Improved management of interrupted initial synchronisation: SQList no longer re-synchronises everything from scratch;

Export calculated fields as varchar: force SQList to export calculated columns as varchar(max);

Force removal of special characters in table names: create table names the same way version 5 does (backward compatibility);

Full details in our support section.


Feb 2019

Detect expired change tokens: we have added detection for expired change tokens;

Display additional messages in log: added more messages in the log to give more information about what SQList is doing;

Truncate log to last 1,000 messages: maximum of 1,000 messages kept in the log, that is enough for troubleshooting purposes;

Increased timeout on service start: increased the time SQList Manager waits for the confirmation that the service has started;

Handle long directory names: long directory names in document and picture libraries are no longer an issue;

Added export filter to item Modified date: export only items that have been created or modified since a certain date;

Full details in our support section.


Jan 2019

Timeout for database connections: we have added this setting to handle slow SQL server connection;

Fixed issue with cached credentials: fixed the issue with cached SharePoint credentials when using Web Login authentication;

Fixed calculated yes/no columns: fixed the issue with SQList not exporting calculated columns defined to return a yes/no result;

Full details in our support section.


Dec 2018

Fix to date/time values: date/time values that fall in Daylight Saving Time period were not exported correctly in non-UTC mode;

Reinstated support for SharePoint 2010: we updated our libraries so that it is supported again;

Full details in our support section.


Nov 2018

Optimised change detection: better detection of changes for large site collections;

Added option to force a full-sync on structure change: select whether to perform a full re-synchronisation on list's structure change;

Removed known limitation with folders containing more than 5,000 items: it is no longer a limitation;

Added encryption to SQL Database connection: use encrypted connections to SQL Server;

New performance settings: batch size for initial and incremental synchronisation;

Full details in our support section.


Sep 2018

Fixed issue with folder update/deletion: SQList can now handle deletion and updates of folders;

Added string truncation option: string truncation can be allowed, rather than interrupt a replication;

Changed naming of many-2-many columns when permissions are insufficient: a more user-friendly naming for many-2-many columns;

Handling of columns with special characters when display name is used: fixed issue with special characters in column names;

Fixed "missing letter" in table names for lists belonging to sub-sites: fixed bug with missing letter in table names;

Improved replication performance and UI responsiveness: we constantly work on SQList performance;

Full details in our support section.

Version 6.0

Jun 2018

Core application substantially rewritten: this version is all but a complete rewrite of SQList;

New UI for SQList Manager: we created a brand new UI for SQList Manager which not only we hope is more intuitive than its predecessor, but is also built to support the many features we are planning to add with the future versions of SQList;

Ultra-optimised change detection: we have optimised our already excellent change detection engine, the number of calls to the SharePoint server has been reduced by factors of hundreds even when several hundreds of lists are replicated;

Faster replication time: we reduced the time it takes SQList to make changes to the SQL tables, in our tests we registered times up to 70 times faster;

More robust authentication: we have implemented the well renowned SharePoint PnP AuthenticationManager library to handle the ever growing complexity of authenticating against SharePoint Online and On-Prem;

Granular replication configuration: it is now possible to configure different replication settings down to the individual list;

Support for non-Latin list and column names: it is now possible to export lists that contain non-Latin characters in their names or their column's names;

Backward compatibility: this new version generates a better structure in the SQL database, but we added specific settings that can be used to keep compatibility with previous versions (as much as practically possible...);

Full details in our support section.

Version 5.4

Jul 2017

New feature: Keep user-defined columns: a new global setting can be used to instruct SQList not to drop certain columns for the SQL tables, when it synchronises their structure with their corresponding SharePoint list;

New feature: Manage throttling in SharePoint Online: we introduced an additional setting as part of the site definition, to manage throttling in SharePoint Online;

Added list item's version columns as part of standard columns: SQList now exports the following columns that contain the list item's version numbers;

Full details in our support section.

Version 5.3

Mar 2017

New feature: Handling of lists with number of lookup columns exceeding the threshold: we have changed the way SQList queries lists, in a way that is no longer affected by the lookup threshold, making it possible to export them without the need to change it in Central Admin;

New feature: Export of attachments, without binary data: export a list's attachments without their binary content;

New feature: Quickly duplicate Site configuration and Database connection: quickly create a copy of a Site definition or a Database connection;

Full details in our support section.

Version 5.2

Mar 2017

New feature: On demand execution: it is now possible to run a SQList synchronisation on demand, rather than as a service that continually checks for changes;

New feature: Custom site filter: this feature allows you to define an additional filter to the sites exported by SQList;

Full details in our support section.

Version 5.1

Feb 2017

Added setting for SQList system column separator: you can now change the character used by SQList in its system column names (by default a ".");

Export calculated columns based on the result type: export calculated columns as the type of their result (e.g., a calculated column that returns a number with 2 decimals, will be exported as a DECIMAL(18, 2));

Cross-site many-2-many lookup columns are now exported: this type of columns were skipped in previous versions of SQList;

Full details in our support section.

Version 5.0.3

Nov 2016

Fixed bug with missed updates: we found a bug with our software that occurs when numerous updates are performed to a SharePoint list programmatically (using CSOM, JSOM, etc.), especially when made from several locations simultaneously. In this situation, SQList occasionally misses some of these updates, and they do not get replicated to the SQL database. For full details, please read this support article.

Version 5.0

Sep 2016

Archive SharePoint Data in SQL: enables you to maintain deleted list items in the replicated SQL table. This can be useful if you want to archive SharePoint list items to SQL server.

Windows authentication to SQL Server: added Windows Authentication as an option in each SQL database connection. With previous versions, windows authentication was only possible using Trusted Authentication,

Enhanced export of non standard columns: changed handling of non-standard column types and increased precision for numbers "Displayed as percentage"

Added SiteID to UNION view: replaced the table name with the actual GUID of the site to which the item belongs

Custom name to table prefix: it is now possible to define a custom prefix to the tables generated by SQList.

Added chat support directly in SQList Manager: you can now open a chat window and contact us for assistance directly from the UI.

Full details in our support section.

Version 4.2

May 2016

Support for ADFS: support for SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication with Office 365 using ADFS versions 2 or 3.

Enhancements configuration wizard: added checks and informational messages to the SQList Manager configuration wizard to make setting up replications even easier.

Full details in our support section.

Version 4.1

Feb 2016

Support for multiple cultures: support for multiple cultures for both the SharePoint sites and the SQL Server database.

Enhanced handling of duplicate columns: new feature to make SQList automatically handle duplicate column names in the SQL tables, when the "clean column name" option is enabled.

Changes to the event viewer: a new indicator that shows the current status of the SQList Service and changes to the event viewer

Full details in our support section.

Version 4.0

Dec 2015

Export sub-sites automatically: you can now export lists and libraries from a SharePoint site and its sub-sites in a single replication.

Automatically export similar lists: SQList 4.0 will automatically replicate lists and libraries with the same name across a site collection to normalised SQL Server tables.

Use of SharePoint native change tracking: we have changed the way SQList detects changed items; this improves performance, reduces load on the SharePoint server and handles threshold limitations without the need to create indexes or change the list view threshold.

Union view: SQList can now automatically generate an aggregated SQL view of similar lists and libraries.

A brand new UI: we have all but rewritten the SQList Manager UI to make it easier to set-up replications. Our new "replicate in 60 seconds" wizard makes setting up a replication from scratch a breeze. Try it and see for yourself!

Previous versions

Version 3.5 - Mar 2015

Version 3.0 - Jan 2015

Version 2.5 - Nov 2013

Version 2.0 - Feb 2013