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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a major update; you can therefore upgrade for free only if you have an active Preventative Maintenance plan.
To download the latest version of SQList visit http://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

There are no breaking changes in this release.

Important: version 7 is a major upgrade, you will need to request a licence upgrade in order to use it as your current ver. 6 licence won't work. Although we always strive to make upgrades as hassle-free as possible, we strongly recommend that you test this new version on a test environment to avoid any surprises. If you need a temporary SQList licence for this purpose, please request one at support@axioworks.com.

See below a summary of the changes.

Added Column Selector

We have added a long awaited feature that allows you to include, exclude, and rename columns exported by SQList for individual lists. This feature is very useful because sometimes you need to export a particular column for a list that would otherwise be excluded by default, or vice versa.

To access the column selector, simply select a list in your replication and click the Select columns button on the right. This opens a popup with the list of all columns in the SharePoint list, where and you can:

  • Change whether a column is included or excluded by SQList in the exported SQL table (Export);
  • Change the name of the SQL column generated by SQList (column Preferred Name).
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At the moment it is not yet possible to change the SQL type of the column.

Added Service Monitor dashboard

When you run the SQList Service, you can use the event log to check what SQList is doing and whether there are any errors. From the event log, though, it can be difficult to know which list is currently being replicated, especially when you have many lists being processed at the same time.

We have added a very useful new dashboard to the Service Monitor that gives you a clear view of all the lists being replicated (across all your destination database) and the progress of the replication.

For each list you can monitor its status (current operation and progress) and whether there were any errors during its replication.

Of course this is not a replacement for the Event Log, which is still the place to go if you need to find out what has happened when something goes wrong.

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Removed limits to sites and databases

Until now, there was a maximum limit of 100 SharePoint sites that could be exported by SQList Professional Plus and a limit of 50 for SQList Professional.

We have removed all limits from SQList Professional Plus and renamed it to just SQList and, at the same time, we have discontinued SQList Professional as there was no more point for it, so we now have only an unlimited AxioWorks SQList. Just one product, plain and simple.

This new version allows you to configure all the replications you need, although keep always in mind that the total number of lists you replicates across all sites will still impact replication times, just like before.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Enhanced replications to multiple databases: we have made some enhancements to the way SQList handles replications across multiple database.
  • Added connection string to SQL authentication types: we have added an option to the SQL Server database connections where you can enter a connections string directly. This can be used with less common authentication types.