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What is new in SQList ver. 4.1

Version 4.1 of SQList is a minor update from ver. 4.0, you can therefore upgrade from free if you have a licensed version 4.0. There are no breaking changes in this upgrade.

See below a summary of the changes.

Support for multiple cultures

The main change in this version is the support for multiple cultures for both the SharePoint sites and the SQL Server database. Although SQList can automatically detect and handle different cultures correctly most of the times, it is occasionally necessary to set the culture settings manually. In fact, we don't recommend changing this setting unless the default configuration does not work.

To do this, follow this steps:

1) From the "Settings" tab, select "Enable conversion culture";

2) Selecting the setting above will enable the culture selection drop-downs in both the Site configuration and Database configuration. At this point you can use the auto-detection feature (click "Detect culture from server") or select a specific culture from the drop-down.

Enhanced handling of duplicate columns

We have added a feature to make SQList automatically handle duplicate column names in the SQL tables, when the "clean column name" option is enabled. The issue with duplicate columns is described in our support article: Error: "Duplicate column name detected"

By enabling this new setting, SQList will automatically handle duplicate column names by appending the SharePoint column's GUID to the column name in the SQL table. In this way ,all SQL tables will still be created with clean names (more "SQL and code friendly"), and only the duplicate ones will have a less friendly name.

This list has two columns that result in the same "clean name" for the SQL table:

"Column1" and "Column 1" (has a blank space before 1) will both read "Column1" after being cleaned for the SQL table.

How the columns are exported to the SQL table:

The second column, "Column 1" has its GUID appended.

Changes to the event viewer

We added an indicator that shows the current status of the SQList Service.

We also removed the auto-update of the event messages as the continuous scrolling was making it difficult to read individual messages or double-clicking them to read more details.

To see the latest events, simply click the Refresh button. For added clarity, we also added the date of the message.

Small changes and fixes

  • We have fixed a small bug where the default checkboxes for "Export binary content" and "Export attachment" were not keeping their setting in the Entry edition.
  • While we were there we also locked the list selection grid for licenses that do not support list selection.
  • We corrected the table name in the union view assigned to many-2-many tables to associate them to the primary table; that will make it easier to link union view for primary tables with their related many-2-many.