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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a minor update; you can therefore upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 6.x. To download the latest version of SQList visit http://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

There are no breaking changes in this release.

See below a summary of the changes.

Improved UI to handle thousands of lists and webs

While the SQList Service can handle the replication of thousands of lists without problems, SQList Manager (the UI you use to configure the replications) struggled to display such large numbers in its selection tree and often froze for a long time before becoming responsive again.

In this version we have fixed this and it's no longer a problem.

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Automatic handling of SharePoint Online throttling

When many hundreds or thousands of large lists are replicated, SQList parallelise the requests to the SharePoint webs in order to complete the replications in the shortest time possible. This can result in many concurrent requests made to the SharePoint server.
If the lists being replicated contain many columns or large documents, hence making the requests "heavy", SharePoint Online will limit the amount of load it accepts and start refusing connections if that limit is reached (throttling). You can find more details in this Microsoft article: Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online.

SQList handled throttling by applying a fixed delay to the requests so to give the server some "breathing space". However a fixed time for all is not an ideal solution as it can be longer than necessary in certain cases or shorter that required in other.

In this version we have changed this feature so that the delay applied to the requests is retrieved from the SharePoint response itself; in this way SQList will wait the optimal amount of time before retrying a throttled request.

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Added filter to Error Log

We have added a brand new filter to the Event Log to make it easier to search for messages regarding a specific error or list.

It is now possible to filter the log by:

  • Event Severity: you can choose more than one severity;
  • Event Date/Time: to search event that happened in a specific time period;
  • Keywords: to search the content of the message.
Once the filter is applied it will remain effective when the log is refreshed making it very useful when you want to follow only certain events and they happen.

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Minor changes and fixes:

  • Fixed issue with help tooltips that were not displaying correctly;
  • Improved clarity of error detail description.