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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a minor update; you can therefore upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 7.x. To download the latest version of SQList visit https://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

There are no breaking changes in this release.

See below a summary of the changes.

Added Trusted Authentication to SharePoint connections

We have added the option to use Trusted Authentication to the SharePoint connections (just like it's been possible with Database connections).

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Note that this type of authentication is peculiar because it uses the credentials you are logged onto your machine with when you use SQList manager, but it will use the credentials used to run the SQList Service for the data replication.

See this support article for more details:

Added feature to rename destination SQL tables

SQList automatically generates the name for the destination SQL tables from the list name and path. Until now there was not a way to generate the table with a different name and the only way to achieve that was to create a view with the preferred name.

We have now added a new feature to rename the output SQL table, simply select the list you want to export, click the "SQL table name and columns" button and fill in the "Preferred name".

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Added option to skip connections validation

We added the option to skip the connection validation when you save a SharePoint or Database connection. Skipping the validation is sometimes necessary when you use Trusted authentications and your current credentials (the credentials running SQList Manager) do not have access to the SharePoint site of SQL database.

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Important: we recommend using this option only when strictly necessary and only with Trusted authentications. In all other cases you should allow the connection validation.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Improved exception handling: we have made some improvements to the way some exceptions are handled so ensure we capture all the necessary data we need to debug the issue;
  • UI tweaks: minor changes and fixes to the UI.

If you have any questions about this release, please contact our Support Team at support@axioworks.com.