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Select whether to export lists from one single site or from a number of sub-sites

This page is used to select the type of export you want to configure (Professional SKU only)

Description of the elements:
  1. Summary of the replication being configured: This allows you to easily see the source SharePoint site you have configured in the "Replication Wizard" and which SQL Database that your SharePoint data will be replicated with.
  2. Export type: This section allows you to select one of two types of replication. "Export lists and libraries from this site only" and "Export from this site and all its subsites". If you are only interested in lists and libraries from one SharePoint site (SPWeb) then chose the former. If you would like to start at a particular site and replicate lists and libraries from that site and its subsites and want new lists, libraries and sites to be added to replications automatically, then select the latter option.
  3. Export lists and libraries from this site only: Selecting this option then SQList will export lists and libraries belonging to this site only. If your licence allows this, you can select which lists and libraries you wish to export.We call this list selection.
  4. Export from this site and its sub-sites: Choose this option if you want to export lists and libraries belonging to a site and its subsites. This could be used at a site collection root for instance. You will also be able to select which subsites to export as well as specify the capability to add new lists, libraries and sites automatically.
  5. Next: Got to the next step of the "Replication Wizard"
  6. Cancel: Cancel the "Replication Wizard"
  7. Help: Opens this help page.