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Select which SharePoint sub-sites you want to export

This page is used to select which lists to exports, and is presented if you have chosen the option to "Export from this site and its sub-sites"

Description of the element:
  1. Default export type: This allows you to select "Export all sub-sites, except those excluded below" or "Export only the sub-sites selected below". These two options are discussed in detail in the next section.
  2. Sub-site selection grid: The grid allows you to view the subsites available for replication depending on the number of levels selected in the previous step.
  3. Sub-site path: The subsite path generated by SQList based on the site names.
  4. Sub-site URL: The URL of the SharePoint site available for replication
  5. Export sub-site: Check this option to replicate the sub-site.
  6. Back: describe here...
  7. Next:  Click next to go to the next step of the "Replication Wizard."
  8. Cancel: Cancel the "Replication Wizard"
  9. Help: Opens this help page.

Default export type examples

Export only the subsites selected below

When this option is selected only the subsites you explicitly select will be replicated.

Export all subsites, except those excluded below

When this option is selected all subsites will be selected and specific sites you do not want to export should be removed. All new sites at the levels selected in the previous step will be added automatically