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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a minor update; you can therefore upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 6.x. To download the latest version of SQList visit http://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

There are no breaking changes in this release.

See below a summary of the changes.

Optimised change detection

We have made some changes to the change detection functionality to better handled the detection of changes for large site collections.

Warning: this change will force a re-synchronisation of all SQL tables in the destination database (you do not need to take any action, just be aware it).

Added option to force a full-sync on structure change

When the structure of a list changes, SQList alters the structure of the corresponding SQL table to match that of the list. In some cases, a full re-synchronisation of the data can also be require (e.g. a new calculated column is added).
It is now possible to select whether to SQList should the full re-synchronisation of the data (note that the structure of the SQL table is altered in any case).

Removed limitation with folder with more than 5,000 items

The issue with list/libraries with "Make New Folder" enabled and more that 5,000 items in a single folder failing to synchronise has been resolved.
This was a know limitation as described in this support article: Known limitations of SQList

Added encryption to SQL Database connection

The option to enable encrypted connections to as SQL Server database has been added.

New performance settings

We have added two setting to set the batch size for initial synchronisation and incremental synchronisation. These settings should be changed only in special circumstances, the default values should work in most situations.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Additional data clean up: we have improved the maintenance of the change logs;
  • New performance settings: batch size for initial synchronisation and incremental synchronisation;
  • Fixed bug with comma in password: SQL database connections where not working if the password contained a comma;
  • Fixed bug with multi-choice columns: Choice columns (not to be confused with lookup columns) that allow multiple choices were not exported correctly, they are now exported comma delimited.
  • Fixed bug with SQL schema name override: overriding the schema name for a SQL table was not working under certain circumstances.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at support@axioworks.com