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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a minor update; you can therefore upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 6.x. To download the latest version of SQList visit http://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

There are no breaking changes in this release.

See below a summary of the changes.

Detect expired change tokens

We have added a detection for the token expired error that automatically force a re-sync of the tables in the change token stored by SQList for a site has expired.

Display additional messages in log

We have added more messages in the log ("Info" level) to give more information about what SQList is doing. There are steps in the SQList replication that can take a long time and it was not possible to tell what was happening. Hopefully it will be clearer now.

Truncate log to last 1,000 messages

SQList automatically trims the message log based on the message timestamp. However, under certain circumstances the log would still increase to a very large size that was impacting on the responsiveness of the SQList Manager UI.
SQList now keeps a maximum of 1,000 messages, that is enough for troubleshooting purposes.

Increased timeout on service start

You may have encountered the error that the SQList service timed out, when you started the service via SQList Manager. That error actually indicated that it took too long for SQList Manager to receive confirmation that the service had started (the service did in fact start).
We have increased the time SQList Manager waits for the confirmation, so that en error is not raised.

Handle long directly names

Document libraries with many levels of sub-folders can create full paths that are too long, resulting in an error. More details can be found in this article:
We have modified SQList so that it can now handle these long paths.

Added export filter to item Modified date

We have added a filter that allows you to export only items that have been created or modified since a certain date. This is useful, for example, if you only want to export items for the current year and ignore anything older.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at support@axioworks.com