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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a major update, you can therefore upgrade for free only if you have an active Preventative Maintenance plan. To download the latest version of SQList visit http://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

Warning: There are some potentially breaking changes in this release; look for this symbol Image Placeholder

Important: version 8 is a major upgrade, you will need to request a licence upgrade in order to use it as your current ver. 7 licence won't work. Although we always strive to make upgrades as hassle-free as possible, we strongly recommend that you test this new version on a test environment to avoid any surprises. If you need a temporary SQList licence for this purpose, please request one by emailing support@axioworks.com.

See below a summary of the changes.

Multiple instances of SQList on a single installation

SQList ver. 8 now offers a new feature that allows you to run multiple instances on a single installation. This update enables you to split replications across different instances of SQList, maximising parallelisation and performance.
Note: 2 instances are included by default when you upgrade to version 8.
By distributing replication tasks efficiently, you can significantly improve data synchronisation time and have enhanced control over your replication processes. With this new capability, you can now handle large-scale replication without compromising on performance.

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For further details about this feature please see this support article: http://support.axioworks.com/how-to/run-multiple-instances-of-sqlist-from-a-single-installation

Improved event logging

In this version, significant improvements have been made to the event logging functionality. You can now benefit from more comprehensive and detailed logs for enhanced troubleshooting and analysis.
The improved event logging goes beyond just internal logs and extends to the Windows event log as well, which allows for seamless consolidation of important system events, making it easier than ever to monitor and diagnose issues.

We have also removed the dependency on the third party library NLog; this library turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, so we have replaced it with a solution built in house.

 Warning: as part of this improvement, some event messages have been removed or rephrased; if you have filters on the Windows event log based on the content of the messages, you may have to reconfigure them. Also, if you have any custom settings in the NLog configuration, these will be lost.

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Option to store SQList Profile in SQL Server

In this version we have introduced a feature that allows you to store you replication configurations (referred to as the SQList Profile) in SQL Server instead of SQL CE.
This new capability is particularly advantageous for large-scale replications as it enhances performance and scalability. By leveraging the power of SQL Server, you can efficiently manage and store your replication configurations, ensuring optimal performance and ease of administration.
Additionally, SQList version 8 offers a convenient migration feature, enabling you to seamlessly transition your existing replication configurations to SQL Server.

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For further details about this feature please see this support article: http://support.axioworks.com/how-to/migrate-all-replication-configurations-from-sql-ce-to-sql-server

Minor fixes

  • fixed datetime issue with ver. 5 compatibility option: we fixed a small bug that was making SQList perform unnecessary alter table for datetime columns, when ver. 5 compatibility options were enabled.
  • removed orphan selected lists in profile: fixed an issue with orphan select lists left in the profile database when they are deleted in SharePoint.
  • new setting to skip initial synchronisation checks: we added a setting to skip the integrity check of existing data when an initial synchronisation is resumed after an interruption (to be used on in special cases).
  • removed error notifications when service is stopped: we have eliminated certain misleading error messages that used to be logged in the event log when the service is stopped. Please be aware that some error can still happen to be logged when the service is stopped.
  •  removed the "Never drop tables" settings: this settings was used to remove tables from the destination database when they were removed from the replications. With the introduction of multiple instances, we had to deprecate this setting and tables are never deleted from the database by SQList (which was the default behaviour in previous version).

If you have any questions about this release, please contact our Support Team at support@axioworks.com.