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What is new in SQList ver.

Version of SQList is a minor update; you can therefore upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 8.x. To download the latest version of SQList visit https://www.axioworks.com/sqlist-download/

Warning: There are some potentially breaking changes in this release, look for this symbol .

Important: Although we always strive to make upgrades as hassle-free as possible, we strongly recommend that you test this new version on a test environment to avoid any surprises. If you need a temporary SQList licence for this purpose, please request one by emailing support@axioworks.com. See below a summary of the changes.

Re-instated Feature to Keep Deleted Items.

We have responded to popular demand by re-introducing a feature in our software that allows users to retain deleted SharePoint items in the corresponding SQL table.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for those dealing with extremely large lists in SharePoint. When these lists become unwieldy and challenging to manage within SharePoint, our feature offers a practical solution.

It enables users to streamline their SharePoint lists by removing items that are no longer needed, while still maintaining a comprehensive record in the SQL table. This is especially useful for reporting purposes, where access to historical data is essential, even if it's no longer actively used in the SharePoint environment.

Enhanced Visibility of Replication Status

We have added an indicator in the Replications list to show which replications are enabled and which ones are not.

Now, it is possible to immediately discern why a replication is disabled. This could be due to the replication itself being disabled, the SharePoint connection it uses being disabled, or the Database connection it relies on being disabled.

This feature is particularly useful in situations where it is difficult to determine which replications are active, especially in cases where there are numerous replications to manage.

Improved Connection Validity Checks

We have added additional checks to validate SharePoint and database connections.

These checks are performed before a replication process is initiated, ensuring the reliability of the connections.

This feature proves to be particularly useful as it displays more detailed error messages, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues with specific replications and connections.

Added Check for PowerShell Installation

We have introduced a new check to confirm that PowerShell is installed on the machine.

This check is essential because PowerShell is required for managing the SQList Service.

Removal of Modified Column Filter

We have removed the filter on the 'Modified' columns, which was previously available in the Global, Replication, and List settings.

This filter was removed due to its inefficacy with lists containing an excessive number of items, as SharePoint does not correctly handle such filtering.

If you have any questions about this release, please contact our Support Team at support@axioworks.com.