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Announcing SQList v5.4

 We are proud to announce a new release of SQList which provides even greater flexibility when exposing your SharePoint lists and libraries as a set of normalised SQL Server Tables.

Version 5.4 of SQList is a minor update from ver. 5.x.x, you can, therefore, upgrade for free if you have a licensed version 5.x.  There are no breaking changes in this update.

There are some great new features in our SQList 5.4 release, namely: 

Support for SQL Server Temporal Tables

SQL Server 2017 introduces support for system-versioned temporal tables as a database feature that brings built-in support for providing information about data stored in the table at any point in time rather than only the data that is correct at the current moment in time. Temporal is a database feature that was introduced in ANSI SQL 2011 and is now supported in SQL Server 2017.

Read more about temporal tables

Read how to use temporal tables with SQList tables

Keep user-defined columns

SQList mirrors the structure of a SQL table with the structure of its corresponding SharePoint lists. This means that when a new column is added to the list it gets added to the table. Likewise, when a column is removed from the list, it gets removed from the table.

Although we recommend not to alter the structure of the tables generated by SQList in any way, there are exceptional cases when you may need to add some columns to the table.

Better handling of SharePoint Online Throttling

SQList 5.4 adds a setting to manage throttling in SharePoint Online. We introduced an additional configuration setting as part of the site definition, to manage throttling in SharePoint Online.In the site definition details, there is a new setting named “Throttling control delays”; you can use this setting to define the length (in milliseconds) that SQList waits between requests to that particular site…

Read More

Added list item’s version columns

As part of the standard columns, SQList now exports the the following columns that contain the list item’s version numbers:

  • owshiddenversion
  • _UIVersion
  • _UIVersionString

Read More

Improvements and fixes

In addition to the new functionality, we have added the following fixes and improvements to this version:

  • Improved connection to SharePoint web services: we have made several improvements to the way SQList connects to the SharePoint web services, which should result in less connections and authentications, to reduce the traffic to the SharePoint server itself and to the domain controller (where applicable);
  • Fixed SyncStatus table key: we fixed a problem that was causing unnecessary re-synchronisations when a replication was configured not to add the table prefix to the SQL table;
  • Added debug logging option to UI: we have added an option in SQList manager to enable Debug logging; previously this mode could only be enabled in the app.config file;
  • Reset change token when table is created: dropping a SQList table from the database will force a full re-synchronisation; previously you also had to reset the change token.

Summary of features released in SQList v5

You can read about all the new features released in all SQList V5 releases here

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