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Grow with Us : An Opportunity to Work with AxioWorks

We are building our Sales network and are actively looking for Sales Agents to join our network. Are you looking for a new challenge or additional products to add to your portfolio? Read on!

Who are we?

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who thrive in solving real-life business problems through technology. Our company operates in Microsoft SharePoint space and is based in London, UK, founded by a group of IT professionals with many years of experience in designing, developing, implementing, and managing enterprise IT systems.

Our customer base has been growing steadily and organically for the past 4-5 years (Covid “era” aside…) and we are driven by customer success. However, we believe now is the right time to establish a sales network in order to take our growth to the next level and tap-in a hugely un-tapped SharePoint data analytics and business intelligence market.

What do we do?

SharePoint is one of the most widely used ECM and Collaboration products with more than 300,000 organizations including (85% of fortune 500 companies) and over 190 million people using its On-premises and cloud variants. One of its main success factors is the ever-increasing rise of working remotely or working from home, organizations want their content to be accessible from everywhere by anyone.

Digital workplace is the key enabler for working remotely and that’s where SharePoint comes into play.  Exponential growth in content is unavoidable and so is the increasing need for better visualization through reporting. So, the question is :

Does the reporting capabilities provided by SharePoint enough to build complex reports?
The simple answer is no. But there where SQList comes to the rescue.

Building complex reports on SharePoint data can be cumbersome and in most cases will require SharePoint developers to create these reports.

The out of the box data structure is not only complicated but also require knowledge of specialized query language which means in house developers who are familiar with SQL  will have to go through a learning curve. Even after that, accessing data straight from SharePoint has some additional performance overhead which can easily lead to low-performing reports especially when we are dealing with large amount of data.

Main challenges faced by  companies using SharePoint

Complex data structure makes it difficult to build reports.

Limitation on the amount of data that can be retrieved.

Lack of data performance tuning capabilities available in SharePoint.

We believe in Simplicity through Innovation which is evident in our solution as well. SQList helps to remove the overshadowing layers of complexity of SharePoint data structure by bringing the data to SQL Server.

Manage it in SharePoint, Report it in SQL!

SQL Server is considered one of the best database management systems in the world providing a huge set of features for storing, manipulating, and optimizing data.

Benefits of Storing data in SQL Server Database

  • Use SQL language for manipulating data.
  • Optimization of large datasets to improve performance.
  • Native integration with all major reporting tools available.
  • In-house developers are most familiar with SQL.

SQList truly brings the best of both Worlds!

SQList bridges that gap and allows the users to manage the content in SharePoint and create reports using data from SQL Server. It not only replicates the data but will also keep the data synchronized automatically so the reports are actually using real time data.

What makes SQList Great?

  • Removes complexity of dealing with Complex SharePoint data structure.
  • Data manipulation for building reports is easy once replicated into SQL Server.
  • Always look at real time data  from SharePoint with Auto-synchronization.
  • Eliminates the need of setting up additional services in SharePoint for reporting.

SQList simplifies reporting on SharePoint data 

AxioWorks SQList continuously export SharePoint lists and libraries as normalised SQL Server tables with SQList by AxioWorks, making SharePoint data available to reporting tools like Power BI, Crystal Reports, or SSRS.

Who are we are looking for?

Sales professionals who are working in the SharePoint domain or data & analytics space with medium to large organizations will get the most benefit out of this sales opportunity. However, anyone who is looking to work with an innovation-driven company and willing to expand their horizon to the world of SharePoint will find it most attractive.

Ideally, you are accustomed to working with executives of medium-large organizations in various industries specifically selling enterprise software. You understand the value of data visualization and how it influences decision making.

This is a beginning of potentially a long term relationship, and You champion building good relationships with companies and possesses a good contact base to leverage in selling software products.

We value people and would like to build a long term business relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Bottom Line

This is a great opportunity to work with a small and dynamic company in the SharePoint and Data Analytics arena as well as earn generous commissions on each sale that will be materialized.

We are only now starting to establish a Sales team, so if you join us you will become the pioneer of SQList sales and will get the opportunity to get first dibs on the SharePoint Market.  All the previous sales are done through word of mouth marketing including both medium and large organizations. The product has performed well in various setups and environments and our customer satisfaction is through the roof.

We know that training is essential in order to understand the functionality this product has to offer and therefore we are committed to help you to get started by providing a fully functional demo of our product.  We believe it’s our responsibility to equip you with the right tools and knowledge to help you achieve the optimum results and targets you set for yourself.

This job is commission based, so you can work at your own pace and set your own targets.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to discuss it, please contact us at sales@axioworks.com.

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