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AxioWorks Newsletter September 2021: Focus on our sales effort

Hello Reader,

Welcome to another exciting issue of our monthly Newsletter!

Each month, we try our best to bring to you content that is relevant and beneficial for you. So, if you would like us to cover any specific SQList feature or if you want to learn more about any SharePoint feature then please do let us know.

What has AxioWorks been up to?

The focus of last month was expanding our sales endeavours, improving our software features, gathering feedback and participating in events and industry discussions.

We have launched our referral program. Should you have any colleagues or contacts who you think would benefit from SQList, we would love to hear from you!

Learn more about our referral structure below, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions:

  • Level 1 Referrer 10% – a passive partner referring the product to relevant contacts and industries. (Via referral links.)
  • Level 2 Introducer 15% – an active partner making direct client introductions. (Outreach to potential customers who are personally introduced to us for demos and/or closing.)
  • Level 3 Certified Partner 30% – a pro-active partner taking full ownership of the resell process. (Customer is sent to us for final order processing.)

Software update

Over the past few months we also worked hard to gather as much as valuable feedback from you as possible and build a new SQList update that you are going to love. It is finally available and we look forward to hearing how you like it.


The arrival of September has brought the return of face-to-face events which made September particularly great for making new connections in the software space. AxioWorks visited The Big Data Expo in London and we were impressed to see how much more innovative the data startup scene has become. It is only the beginning of the events season, and if you are organising or participating in any relevant Expo, please feel free to let us know. We would love to meet you!

So, with all of that going on, one can be forgiven for sending their newletter a bit later than usual… 😉

Focus blog entry: SharePoint Online List vs SQL Server as Data Source in Power-BI

Lists are primarily used as a source of data storage in the world of SharePoint and in most scenarios these lists can grow really fast especially if we are dealing with transactional data or a large store of reference data. As the SharePoint List grows and eventually goes over 5000 items, it becomes what we call a Large List. Large lists have their fair share of obstacles most of which can be dealt with using list views and indexing columns however when it comes to reporting on these lists using a tool like Power BI there is no easy way to avoid the performance deficiency and the overhead.

Read all about it in this month’s article: SharePoint Online List vs SQL Server as Data Source in Power-BI.

SQList feature of the month: Send email alerts when error occurs in SQList replications

In the latest release of SQList 7.1, we have introduced a new feature for troubleshooting any errors that may occur while running the replications and it’s called Email Alert Settings

This feature can be found at the bottom left corner of SQList Manager. In order to use this feature, you will need to setup the SMTP settings of your mailing server which includes SMTP Host, Port and SMTP User credentials along with the email addresses to be used for sending and receiving the email alerts. You can also specify the error level (Warn, Error etc) for which you want to send alerts. It can help the admins to monitor for any errors which may occur while the replications are running.

If you want to know more details about this feature, check out the video blog explaining how it works: AxioWorks SQList – Configure Error Notification Email Alerts

Featured articles

Here is a small selection of interesting articles from the net.

Power BI Report Accessibility: Emulate Vision Deficiencies Using Edge DevTools

I’m not an expert on Power BI report accessibility like Meagan Longoria but I do know how important an issue accessibility is. I also know how difficult it can be to remember to check for accessibility issues when building reports which is why, when I was watching this video on new features in Edge DevTools, I was pleased to see that Edge now makes it easy to see how your report looks like when viewed by someone with vision deficiencies.
Read more…

Quick Chart: SharePoint/Microsoft List data

In SharePoint online, the Quick Chart web part can show you dynamic data from a list! As long as you have a SharePoint list (aka Microsoft list) on your site that has at least one number or currency column, you can use it in the web part settings, to display as a chart. In this post, I’ll detail the steps to set this up.
Read more…

Modern SharePoint + Power Automate Approval With Select User Auto-Approve

Power Automate backed approval flows for a SharePoint intranet site on the Site Pages library. Pretty slick and polished as a replacement for SharePoint workflows and nice template to look at for Automate newbs.
Read more…

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That’s all folks, till next time.

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