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AxioWorks Newsletter January 2023: Kicking off 2023 with some great content

Hello Reader,

Welcome to another exciting issue of our monthly Newsletter!

Each month, we try our best to bring to you content that is relevant and beneficial for you. So, if you would like us to cover any specific SQList feature or if you want to learn more about any SharePoint feature then please do let us know.

What has AxioWorks been up to?

We are working hard to make SQList bigger and better than ever in 2023 and are already deep in the development of a new release. We are going through a complete overhaul of some of the core components which will enable us to introduce some new connectors including connectivity to more destination databases such as Oracle which is in high demand.

The team has also started to bring some great content to you which includes bi-monthly videos on O365/SharePoint/Power Platform so do subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Peter Bradley, well known SharePoint consultant in the M365 world, has written a great article on how SQList brings more value to your SharePoint investments by enabling organizations to quickly get greater value from its data. Please do check out the article A pragmatic approach to obtaining value from your SharePoint data

Focus blog entry: Power BI Report Server : An On-Premises Report hosting Suite

Distributing and sharing Power BI was a pain point for organizations working in an on-premises setup and doesn’t want to set up a Gateway to expose the reports and their data to the cloud via Power BI Service. An On-prem hosting server is required in order to provide similar functionality to the on-premises users which lead to the emergence of the Power BI Report Server. It uses SQL Server Reporting Services technology for hosting reports On-Premises.

Read all about it in this month’s article on Power BI Report Server.

O365 feature of the month: Create MS List from a CSV List in MS Teams

Microsoft Lists aka SharePoint Lists have been widely used for maintaining and storing data in SharePoint and its usage has grown even more ever since it has been integrated into MS Teams. Microsoft has recently introduced some exciting new features that make it even easier to create new MS Lists and one of them is Import/Export Lists to CSV file.

If you want to know more details about this feature, check out the video blog explaining how it works: Create MS List via CSV file in MS Teams

Featured content

Here is a small selection of interesting articles/vlogs from the net.

Power BI REST API: What it is and Why it is Important

Power BI REST APIs can be used in programming (.NET or other languages), PowerShell, and other tools. Most of the use case for the APIs is through a programming language.
Read more…

Power Platform Wave 1 2023 Release: Top 10 Features You Need to Know!

In this video, you will learn about some of the best features that are released in the Power Platform Wave 1 2023 including

  • A centralized hub for viewing flow executions and statuses.
  • Store flow execution history in Dataverse for reporting purposes.

Read more…

How to create a Kanban board in SharePoint

Kanban boards are a great way to visualize and track the progress of any project. In Microsoft SharePoint, a newly introduced feature called Board view combined with the Lists app will allow users to create a Kanban-style board within SharePoint quickly and easily.

Read more…

That’s all folks, till next time.

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