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AxioWorks Newsletter March 2023: Focus on SQList next release

Hello Reader,

Welcome to another exciting issue of our monthly Newsletter!

Each month, we try our best to bring you content that is relevant and beneficial for you. So, if you would like us to cover any specific SQList feature or if you want to learn more about any SharePoint feature then please do let us know.

What has AxioWorks been up to?

AxioWorks team has made some major strives and is completely focused on getting SQList ver. 7.4 ready for production release. It will bring some new innovative features to improve the usability and adaptability of SQList.

Our content engineers continue to highlight what’s happening in the world of  SharePoint, Power Platform, and MS365 through blogs and bi-monthly videos on O365/SharePoint/Power Platform so do subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Focus blog entry: Our Favourite Picks from Power BI Global Summit 2023

Power BI Summit is the biggest Power BI conference of the year which ran virtually from 6th March to 10th March. It brought speakers from the Microsoft Power BI team’s product group, community experts, and MVPs from all around the world hosting more than 100 sessions at this conference and helping you get the best bits we have covered our favourite sessions from the conference.

Read all about it in this month’s article on Our Favourite Picks from Power BI Global Summit 2023.

O365 feature of the month: Create PowerApps using Figma

This feature allows you to design all your screens in Figma using the Create Apps from Figma UI Kit and then import them into the Power App studio. Converting Figma designs to Microsoft PowerApps will help in collaboration between designers and App developers which will result in a much-improved user experience. To find out how to create and convert Figma design into PowerApps, do check out our vLog on   Create PowerApps using Figma.

Featured content

Here is a small selection of interesting articles/vlogs from the net.

Use Security Groups in Role Mapping Instead of User Accounts in Power BI Row Level Security (RLS)

Row-level security (RLS) is a feature of Power BI that allows you to restrict data access for different users based on filters you define within roles.
Read more…

8 Power Platform DLP Policy Best Practices

Power Platform DLP Policies determine which data connectors can be used by apps & flows in an environment and which connectors are blocked. In this blog, the author will cover the 8 best practices for setting up DLP Policies.
Read more…

Creating a Visually Stunning Customer Satisfaction Survey with Microsoft Forms

With Microsoft Forms, you can create a custom survey that looks professional and captures valuable insights. You can choose from a range of AI-generated themes or upload your own images to create a personalized cover page and theme for your survey.
Read more…

That’s all folks, till next time.

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