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AxioWorks | AxioWorks SQList Online | The power of SQList in the cloud!

SQList Online

Continuous synchronisation of SharePoint lists and libraries to SQL Server tables, in the cloud!

Nothing to install, nothing to monitor. Simply configure your replications and leave it to us to make sure everything runs smoothly!

Try SQList Online for free!

Cloud replication of SharePoint Lists to SQL Server Tables 

The power of SQList in the cloud! With SQList Online you do not need to install anything in your environment, simply configure the lists you want to replicate using our online portal and let us take care of monitoring your replications and an ensure they run smoothly.

Your data is safe

SQList Online does not store your data anywhere while in transit from your SharePoint servers to your destiantion SQL Server databases. As long as you use secure connections in both directions your data is safe from sniffing attacks.

If you have any questions about SQList Online, do not hesitate to contact us via our chat or at support@axioworks.com.

It's free! (but not forever...)

Yes, SQList Online is free, for the time being.

We are stil working on a pricing plan but that is not our priority for now, so it will take some time before we start charging for it. So... why not take advantage of that!


Give it a try!

It only takes a moment to create an account in SQList Online and then you are ready to go.

You can have your SharePoint lists ready in SQL Server to be used in your Power BI or SSRS reports in a few minutes.

Try SQList Online for free!

Is your enviroment in sandbox?

Of course SQList Online requires that your SharePoint and SQL Server are accessible from our server. If your environment is behind a firewall and cannot be reached from the internet, then the on-prem version of SQList is the one for you.


How does SQList work?

How AxioWorks SQList works

SQList sits between SharePoint and SQL Server, creating a continuous sync between the two. It takes unwieldy SharePoint data and turns it into easy-to-manage SQL tables.

After a simple set up process, SQList continuously exports your SharePoint lists and SharePoint document libraries to your database or multiple databases. This gives your organisation instant access to a wealth of real-time business intelligence, so you can:

  • Send valuable SharePoint data to Power BI, SSRS and other BI tools.
  • Query live SharePoint data from SQL Server.
  • Integrate SharePoint data with other systems and apps.


Exporting your SharePoint lists and document libraries to SQL Server could not be any easier, it only takes a few steps:

1) Access

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Manage your lists and libraries in SharePoint and take full advandage of advanced UI, workflow, and access control that SharePoint provides.

2) Select

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Use SQList Manager to select the lists you want to export. You can select lists across the entire site collection.

3) Sync

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

SQList exports the selected SharePoint lists as SQL tables and keeps them in sync with changes made in SharePoint.

4) Query

AxioWorks SQList screenshot

Query your up-to-date SharePoint data directly in SQL Server, without any limitations on the number of items or columns.

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