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Known limitations of SQList

Please read carefully the current limitations of SQList.

Authentication cookies renewal is not supported

If you use Web Login (Office 365) authentication to connect to a SharePoint site, and you site is configured to expire the authentication cookie, SQList will fail to connect once that has expired and you will need to re-authenticate in SQList Manager.

Workaround: use a different authentication type (Username and password, or AppId and AppSecret).

Active Directory authentication with SQL Azure is not supported

The current version of SQList does not support Active Directory authentication with SQL Azure

Workaround: create a SQL user with dbo access to the database and use it with SQList.

Cannot use multiple connections to the same database

Currently SQList does not support creating multiple database connections to the same SQL database (e.g. if two connections to the same database use different users). This is a very unlikely scenario in real world solutions, this limitation is mostly technical than practical.

Workaround: create one database connections per database.

If you have any questions about these limitations, please contact us at support@axioworks.com