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Save your configuration and start the service

This is the last step of the SQList Replication Wizard and allows you to save the changes you have made and optionally start or restart the SQList windows service. You can close the SQList Manager at this point if you have made all the changes you require.

Description of this pages elements:

  1. Start the SQList Service after saving the profile: if this checkbox is checked the SQList Windows service is restarted once "Finish" is clicked
  2. Back: Go back to the previous step in the "Replication Wizard"
  3. Finish: Save your changes to the SQList service and start or restart the SQList windows service (providing "Start the SQList Service after saving the profile" checkbox is checked.
  4. Cancel: Cancel the "Replication Wizard"
  5. Help: A link to this help article.
  6. Having difficulties? Chat with us!: Click this option to speak with a support operative via online chat.